Interpretation of the Bible with Accent on the Genres


The two sides of the coin of Biblical interpretation are Biblical hermeneutics and Biblical exegesis. One is the theory and the other is the practice. Biblical hermeneutics is a study of the various rules guiding the proper interpretation of the Bible. Biblical exegesis is the implementation of the rules of hermeneutics. The goal of Biblical hermeneutics and exegesis is to derive the meaning individual Biblical texts.

At the same time, the Bible presents a number of different types of text or literature, simple didactic or teaching passages, Old and New Testament historical narratives, poetry in the Psalms, in the Prophets, and within narratives, and rich apocalyptic literature in the Prophets and in the New Testament. In addition, the New Testament frequently quotes the Old Testament and often pronounces these various texts and prophecies as fulfilled.

In each case, there are principles for interpretations and guidance for the implementation of these principles in order to properly ascertain meaning. Interpretation of the Bible with Accent on the Genres will review the basic principles for interpretation and their implementation for the respective genres of Scripture including didactic, narrative, poetic, prophetic, apocalyptic, and Old Testament quotations. NT12 Interpretation of the Bible is not a prerequisite for this course, may also be substituted for NT12. The goal of this course is to enable students to derive the intent of the Holy Spirit in texts taken from each of the genres of Scripture studied.


This class will meet  ten consecutive Monday nights, beginning on September 11, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.


(For those taking the class for credit)

¨ Leland Ryken, Words of Delight, A Literary Introduction to the Bible

Further Information

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