The Lord has given Second RP opportunities in 2015 to see the good news of Jesus Christ go to the ends of the earth.

That vision begins locally. We are grateful to see Jesus raise up disciples and laborer here in Indianapolis. It is our fervent prayer that God will cause us to grow together in worship, fellowship, outreach, and service together. At this season of the congregation’s life, we are thankful for the wide range of ages the Lord has placed in this particular body. It is our vision to see each person growing and growing together in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you live locally or are moving to the area and are looking for a church, we welcome to come grow with us as we submit our lives to the Savior and to his word. Elsewhere on our website you can learn more about our teaching and worship and about various ministries at Second RP.

The Lord has led the congregation to elect several new deacons, and the deacons this year will be leading the congregation into a fuller scope of ministries of mercy and with the buildings and grounds that the Lord has given us. We pray that Jesus will continue to make this year a year of leadership development within the congregation with these deacons and others that will serve in various other roles.

This year, it is our plan and desire to see new ministry launched in India. Lord willing, we will send several families there to church plant and see the gospel expand in new ways in that nation. We are also excited to partner in new ways with saints ministering in Liberia, and we will send some to minster there this year as well.

The Lord has also drawn together several pastoral interns this year. Several will be sent into full-time seminary training, and we are excited for more to be raised up who might be drawn into pastoral ministry. Many in the congregation sense God calling them to missions. To that end, we are laboring in fresh ways in cross-cultural missions in Indianapolis as we anticipate sending people out in coming years to proclaim the good news of the gospel.

We pray that Jesus would build his church and be pleased to dwell in our midst as we serve him. It is our great delight to see him transform one life at a time and fit each person into his body. It is our great longing that Jesus would be magnified here and around the world and that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.