The Reformed Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest evangelical denominations in the country, founded in 1798. The Lord planted our roots as a church in Scotland, where he brought about the Reformed Presbyterian Church through the second reformation in the seventeenth century. For a more complete history of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, read this account.

Early in 1964, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) recommended that a church be organized in Indianapolis. Roy and Margie had been working as “missionaries without salary” under the oversight of an RPCNA Commission. On October 16, 1964, the Second Reformed Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis was organized.

In 1964, Second Reformed Presbyterian Church was organized and Dr. Roy Blackwood was formally installed as pastor in 1966. God opened doors to minister to many college students and to some families. In 1968, the congregation purchased its present property at 4800 North Michigan Road. The congregation grew, and God used the congregation to plant Reformed Presbyterian Churches in Lafayette, Indiana, Columbus, Indiana, and on the Southside of Indianapolis in the 1960s and 1970s.

Over time, many of the young people making up the early membership married and settled in Indianapolis. As the Lord prospered the work of the gospel in these families, others were added, and the congregation learned to minister to families in a new way.

The abundance of spritual fruit led the congregation to call Rich Johnston as an additional pastor in 1993 and to add a new worship facility and fellowship hall in the mid-90s. Pastor Johnston continued to lead the presbytery youth ministry that he had cultivated since the 1980s, which has influenced dozens of young leaders and hundreds of youth. Also in the 1990s, Dr. Blackwood and a number of other visiting professors taught a variety of seminary level classes for students who were beginning theological education. In the 1980s and 1990s, the congregation supported the planting of several other congregations in the presbytery.

In 2003, James Faris joined the pastoral staff and accepted a call to the Southfield, Michigan RPC in 2006. In 2006, Dr. Michael LeFebvre was added for the purpose of planting Christ Church Reformed Presbyterian in the western suburbs of Indianapolis, which was established in late 2006. Dr. Blackwood resigned his charge in 2008 in order to care for the needs of his wife.

Pastor Rich Johnston labored as the sole pastor when Dr. Blackwood stepped back, and he continues to serve to the present. Pastor James Faris was called once again to labor with him in 2011, and now he serves as moderator of the session.  Today, God has caused the body to mature from a church of predominantly young people, to a congregation of primarily families, to a full-orbed congregation of senior citizens to infants. In this, we rejoice!