The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) is a church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are Presbyterian in government and hold to the doctrines and principles of the Reformation of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, the supreme and infallible rule of faith and life. These guide us. We confess our faith corporately and hold to subordinate standards that are “agreeable unto and founded upon the Scriptures.”  These subordinate standards are: The Westminster Confession of Faith; the Catechisms, Larger and Shorter; the Testimony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America; the Directory for Church Government; the Book of Discipline and the Directory for Worship.

We believe that it is the mission of the Church to preserve, maintain, and proclaim to the whole world the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the whole counsel of God; to gather into her fellowship those of every race and people who accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and promise obedience to Him; to build them up in their most holy faith, and train them to be faithful witnesses for Christ in all His offices; to maintain the ordinances of divine worship in their purity; witness against all evil; and in every way to seek the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth. (RP Testimony, chapter 25, paragraph 2)

The first known organized congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America was that of Middle Octorara, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1738). The Reformed Presbytery was constituted in 1774 by ministers sent for that purpose: John Cuthbertson, who came from Scotland in 1752, and Matthew Linn and Alexander Dobbin, who came from Ireland in 1774. After its dissolution in 1782 the Reformed Presbytery of the United States of North America was constituted in 1798, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Synod was constituted in 1809.

The RPCNA currently has 97 congregations (including mission stations) in 3 countries (86 in the United States located in 27 different states; 6 in Canada in Ontario and Quebec; and 5 in Japan). The congregations are organized into 7 Presbyteries. Our membership is currently near 7,000.

Global mission work of the RPCNA includes work in East Asia, Cyprus, India, Japan, Pakistan, and South Sudan. Individual members of the church also serve in a host of other lands with various mission organizations.

We have fraternal relationships with the following Reformed Presbyterian churches around the world. With these sister denominations we minister together in missions, theological training, and conferences. These denominations include:

We also maintain fraternal relationships with the following denominations here in North America:

We are also members of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council.

The RPCNA operates: